Oil Changes

If you want to see your vehicle hit the 300,000-mile mark, regular oil changes at the manufacturer recommended maintenance intervals are the most important services to keep up on. Oil acts as a lubricant to reduce wear on every moving part in your engine. Oil also acts as a cleaner, dirt and tiny dust particles will find their way into the most air tight engines. Oil will carry these particles out of the engine and store them in the oil filter. Click For More Information.

Brake Services

One of the most essential parts of your vehicle maintenance and safety is brake service. Regularly scheduled mechanical check-ups on your Subaru’s brake system are necessary to ensure the safety of you and others on the road. Failing to replace the smaller components of your brake system such as brake pads could lead to damage to the rotors, drums and calipers which will ultimately cause brake failure while driving. Be sure to service your vehicle between intervals and be sure to take precaution when experiencing any signs or symptoms of issues. Click For More Information.

Wheel and Tire Services

Wheel Alignment: Uneven wear of your tires can occur if the alignment is off. This can also affect you steering, reduce your MPGs, and force the engine to work harder. These negative effects can take a toll on your vehicle and cause you to have to pay more in repairs the longer it remains untreated. Click For More Information.

Battery Services

Battery Services: Your battery is one of the key parts of your vehicle. If the battery doesn’t work, your car will cease to function. This means it will not start, your lights won’t turn on and your heated seats won’t work. Click For More Information.

Fluid Exchange Services

To ensure your vehicle is running properly, you should regularly check all the essential fluids that your vehicle requires to operate. There are 7 different types of fluid that are essential for your vehicle. Each one has its own function and without the manufacturer recommended amount in your vehicle, the operation may cease to function properly. Click For More Information.

Duplicate Keys

When you need a copy of your key made – any of our service departments will be able to do that for you. As you may already know, we have two large parts warehouses. These warehouses will not be able to cut or program your keys for you.